is my angel investment platform. I focus on SaaS products & Marketplace Platforms. Also open to investing in: AI & consumer products (beauty, technology, VR and more).

What we offer apart from investment funds alone:

  • Over $60,000/year worth of software access that all startups should have. From SEO tools to error monitoring services and more.
  • A group of back office team members that from time to time will offer helpful insights, alert you of critical issues like errors/bugs, search ranking issues and be there to assist you in many areas such as:
  • Hiring key staff in low cost countries.
  • How to vet, train & track outsourced help.
  • UX Testing across devices and browsers.
  • How to attract customers and grow revenue.
  • And more. Just enter your email to the left or contact us directly and we can start a conversation.